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Konica Minolta DiMAGE Scan Dual IV Works In Vista and 7

This page have become hard to read so I start with the important stuff.
Latest USB and scsi instructions here.   [Thanx KainAnderson]
Firewire fix in comments.
Minolta original driver.

I finally got my old Konica Minolta DiMAGE Scan Dual 4 to work in vista.
(same solution works in windows 7)

When I first installed the driver and programs from the included CD in Vista, the DS_Dual4 and DS_Dual4Launcher would hang as soon as it tried to find the scanner, and after that first try, it would be completely broken and in need of a restart to even try again.
Back then, I did loads of searching but could not find a solution.

I like this scanner mainly for the easy batch scan utility and for the fact that I have one.
I had saved an old puter with XP, just to run the scanner from, but it became to clunky and I never got around to scan anything.


Recently I found out that it works in VueScan, but I didn't really feel for that program.
So in an attempt to make it work with my included software I tried to apply their "driver".
It works, but not by right click and install, you have to enter properties on the device and browse for disk (sooo windows). Anyway KainAnderson have customized the solution for Minolta, I found it at fixya.com.
I will insert it in the end of this post to make it easier.

If you have lost your CD you can
still download the software from konicaminolta.com
Filip pointed out that the above download no longer work and provided this link mediafire.com.

If you have problems with any other scanner, see if your scanner is listed in VueScan "SCANNERS.INF" file and change the following guide accordingly. Or simply use VueScan software if you like.

1) Install the Konica Minolta XP software in Vista.
2) Plug in your DImage Scanner into a USB port and turn it on with the door closed. It will detect and install the original Konica Minolta Driver.
3) Create an empty folder on you harddrive (for instance go to my computer, double click on the c: drive, then right click and create a new folder named newminolta).
4) Open windows notepad and copy the following into it:
(you find updated info in the comments)

; scanners.inf -- Test Vista Minolta Film Drivers
; To remove this driver and install the original
; manufacturer's driver, go into Device Manager,
; open Imaging devices, then click on the scanner name
; with the right mouse button and choose Uninstall.
; USB scanners
"Minolta Scan Dual II" = USBScanner,USB\Vid_0638&Pid_026a
"Minolta Scan Dual III" = USBScanner,USB\Vid_0686&Pid_400d
"Minolta Scan Dual IV" = USBScanner,USB\Vid_132b&Pid_000a
"Minolta Scan Elite 5400 2" = USBScanner,USB\Vid_132b&Pid_0012
"Minolta Scan Elite 5400" = USBScanner,USB\Vid_0686&Pid_400e
"Minolta Scan Elite II" = USBScanner,USB\Vid_0686&Pid_4004
"Minolta SC-110" = USBScanner,USB\Vid_0638&Pid_0a15
"Minolta SC-215" = USBScanner,USB\Vid_0638&Pid_0a16
;---------------- Duplicated from [Models]
; USB scanners
"Minolta Scan Dual II" = USBScanner,USB\Vid_0638&Pid_026a
"Minolta Scan Dual III" = USBScanner,USB\Vid_0686&Pid_400d
"Minolta Scan Dual IV" = USBScanner,USB\Vid_132b&Pid_000a
"Minolta Scan Elite 5400 2" = USBScanner,USB\Vid_132b&Pid_0012
"Minolta Scan Elite 5400" = USBScanner,USB\Vid_0686&Pid_400e
"Minolta Scan Elite II" = USBScanner,USB\Vid_0686&Pid_4004
"Minolta SC-110" = USBScanner,USB\Vid_0638&Pid_0a15
"Minolta SC-215" = USBScanner,USB\Vid_0638&Pid_0a16
;---------------- USBScanner -------------------------
Provider="Konica Minolta"
Mfg="Konica Minolta"

5. Now save you new notepad file in the directory you created as newminolta.inf NOT as newminolta.inf.txt or newminolta.txt (i.e. c:newminoltanewminolta.inf)
6. Go to system control panel (may have to change control panel to classic view to see system).
7. Select Device Manager
8. Look for the scanner in Imaging Devices or Other Devices.
9. Right click on Minolta Scan Dual IV and click on driver tab. Select Update Driver.
10. Select Browse my computer for driver software.
11. Select Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.
12. Select Have Disk
13. Browse to c:newminoltanewminolta.inf and click OK
14. Click Next. Vista should now say it updated driver.
15. Run Dimage software with door closed. Wait for it to initialize and green light stops blinking.
16. Open door and insert film holder and start scanning.

There is a tool to read the vid & pid from connected devices here.

A comment from KainAnderson:

Comment from Kain

How to make it work in Windows 8

By Richard Lewis:

I’ve now updated to Windows 8 Pro and I’ve got it working.
However it wasn’t straight forward.
Message appeared, “The third-party INF does not contain digital signature information”
Go to Settings
Change PC Settings
Advanced Startup > Restart Now
Trouble shoot
Advanced options
Startup options
Click on ‘Disable driver signature enforcement’
I then had to reinstall from the original disc as there was a message about some “WIA” file needed from the CD. This got it working again.
Hope this helps.


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David said...

I recently got a cheap negative scanner and was ok but unsatisfied with the results. I have decided to pick up a minolta scan off of ebay. I will either grab the scan III or Iv version. I am currently leaning towards the III. Can anyone help me get ahold of the software and drivers (perhaps already modified for windows 7)?

I purchased the APS adapter already (I used an APS camera for several years so I needed a way to scan those negatives in) all I need to do is pick up the scanner but several of the auctions don't have the software with it! And a search of the internet has not proved very promising up to this point. If someone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance....I have downloaded some files from here but not sure I have gathered the right ones....since most of these relate to the scan IV. From the reviews I have read you have to mess with the scan IV or III and there is very little difference in actual operation. If anyone has any insight there please feel free to add....thanks

frisno said...

The driver from here works for III as well as IV. The original software for IV are included in "Minolta original driver".
There are no modified version of the original Minolta software.

#Edited the date on this reply for readability.

David said...

On a side note I found a site that claims to have a generic driver (the guy started out with the Scan IV and has consistently added to it.) I cannot verify the driver as I am waiting for my scanner to arrive but I am still searching for the scanning software...anyone have a link to it or can post it so I could download the utility?

here is the link to the forum for the generic driver

hope this helps out someone as it supposedly contains several models......

now if I can just track down the scan utility!

frisno said...

That's the same .inf you find here (minus included instructions, plus edited date) so it should work just as well.
Try the scan utility from the top of this post (Minolta original driver) it may work for III.

David said...

Thanks so much I will try it out next weekend, the scanner should be here on Weds or Thursday and I will let you know how it goes thanks again!

David said...

scanner works...no go on the dual scan IV software as I have the III. Anyone know where I can get the dual scan III software. Other options would be hamrick vuescan and or silverfast....

Susan said...

WOW! I'm a regular, not so techno gal, who is tickled to be able to go back to a project of scanning my dad's slides from the 50's. I had put the project on hold TWO computers ago because my scanner did not work with the new versions of Windows. Now, thanks to you and your clear instructions, I am back in business. You are a genius. Thank you, Thank you.

Richard said...

I have to admit I was a little sceptical when I read all this but...it works! My experience was a little different from the instructions in that when I plugged in my ScanDual IV after loading the software and rebooting, it didn't find or load any driver.
I just carried on with manually pointing the Unknown Device in Device Manager at the new .inf file and bingo!
THANK YOU to all contributors to the excellent resource!!

Gee said...

Absolutely brilliant... hate all to do with updating computers - hardware or software both give me abdabs. This is so clear, and taken slowly, so simple. And I still have my film scanner - as the old computer with XP pro had just said enough - this is just great. Many thanks to all you clever clogs who help us lesser mortals in the hour of need.

Stephen said...

Ah.. perfect... I had rigged-up a dual boot system just to accommodate my Dimage Scan Dual III and IV . This is great..Thanks ! (Anyone need a Dual Scan III ? I was able to find a IV so i no longer need the III.)

John B said...

Borrowed a DiMAGE Scan Dual IV and hit the obvious problem with such legacy devices of incompatibility with OS software. Your fix worked a treat with Vista Ultimate SP2 ! Thanks

John B UK

Kain Anderson said...

Frisno - I figured out a way to modify the actual install packages with Vista/Windows 7 drivers that will install automatically. I also found a link on the Minolta Europe site for the original driver downloads. If you're interested in setting up a site to host repackaged installers, we can work on it.

Kain Anderson

frisno said...

I'm thinking: eula, copyright etc. It may be something that should fly under the radar, but I may be wrong, send me an email. (bottom of page)

Val said...

I've been hanging on to my old computer just because my scanner won't work on my newer computer. This is great! Thanks!!

Pete said...

Thank you Kain and Frisno!!! Had almost given up on using my Dual IV with Win 7 laptop. Now I can get back to scanning my huge collection of b&w and color negs and slides. Thank you! Thank you!

Only one small hitch when installing your driver. When I first saved the notepad file I changed .txt to .inf in the file name as directed. However, the "Save as type" box still had "Text Documents (*.txt)" and the file was not recognized as a driver (even though it had the .inf extension. Started over again and selected "All Files" in the "Save as type" box. I'm not very smart on this stuff so maybe this is obvious to most of your posters. I mention it just in case somebody else runs into the same problem.

Søren Hermansen said...

Thank you very much. - Your advice did it possible for me to use my old Dimage Scan Dual IV on my new PC (Windows 7 - 64 bit). - It goes smooth and fine - much better than on Windows 2000 and Vista.
It was not easy to install for a 70 year old but when I learned to do exactly as you described it took only 15 minutes to get it work.

Ron de Hooge said...

Ron de Hooge Holland.

Can't thank you enough I've been searching the net for hours to get this scanner working on W7 Ultimate 64 and finally ran into this post.....and voila it works.
Had this working on a 2012 "Apple"computer but after it got an update it stopped working and there's no support, if there's anyone here that knows for the Apple machine I will be double happy so it can work on both machines. Please mail me if you do africanron@gmail.com ( born in south africa )

Tim Carstensen said...

Thanks for the great help in getting the scanner to work on Win7/64, which makes it possible for me to scan a huge number of APS films of my late father, so my mother can enjoy them on her PC.

Gary Mitchell said...

I'm really glad you are helping people on Windows 7 with the Scan Dual IV. I am currently stuck when I view devices and see a yellow exclamation point next to Minolta image. It says no drivers loaded. I do not see update driver. The Minolta application is loaded and shows up in programs.

I am terrible with computers but have been trying to follow your procedure. I would really like this scanner to work with my new Dell.

frisno said...

Right click should give you 'Update Driver Software'-option.
Driver tab In Properties should Have 'Update Driver...'-button.
Otherwise Try "Add legacy hardware" from Action menu In the Computer management/Device Manager window (click on any device in the tree to reveal the option in Action menu if you can'n see it).
Just click 'Next' till you arrive at the 'Have Disk...'-option where you select the *.inf file from its stored location.
If it ain't working you may have to delete/uninstall the question marked Minolta in order for the driver to bite.

Gary Mitchell said...

Thanks Frisno. It's working now.

Jim Roadifer said...

Thank you for the great information! I used to scan a lot of slides with my Scan Dual IV, but it's been a while since I've needed a scanner. I recently shot some slide film and I was worried that I would not be able to use the scanner since I have upgraded to Windows 7/64, but thanks to your instructions I was able to get it working easily.

JJ_Banzai said...

Give these guys a CIGAR !!

I was about to throw the scanner in the trash bin ....... had worked well on XP, not any more on Win 7 (not even in compatibility mode)

Thanks a lot ,now running well on Win 7 32 bit. Good job !

CRX-VRF said...


I have successful installed the Dual Scan IV on Windows 7 64bit and I am using the DS IV via a remote USB connection. Everything is running very fine with great results.

Thanks a lot!

Laurie said...

I recently bought a Dimage Scan Elite 5400 II which costed more than the original retail price. I had followed the discussion on the related website and got the original software v1.0.0 works in Win7 32 bit machine (using Vuescan driver). However if I installed the Dimage software v1.1.5, the software fails to initiate with error code 4 - unable to connect to scanner. Anyone had this issue on the Dimage software v1.1.5? It is a bit weird that the earlier software works but not the latest one.

Laurie said...

Update from last post -
Tried with an old XP machine, the v1.1.5 software still gives the same error. Anyone has a working copy of the KM software version 1.1.5 for Scan ELite 5400 II that I can have?

Ptrsok said...

Two years on from last fix, Dimage Scan Dual IV now up and running again on new Windows 7 system.
Thanks yet again!

Richard Lewis said...

Great, many thanks, works a treat.
Dimage Scan Dual III & Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.
(Now to get MS Money working in Windows 7. Not so easy!.)

Robin said...

Thanks a lot. It now works well with Windows 7. If you still can't get it to work, one other tip which I got from Vuescan site is to use a shorter USB cable. I had the scanner working with my netbook on XP, did the drivers change on new desktop as above but didn't work though looked as if it might start. Changed the USB to short one and bingo. Strange.

Richard Lewis said...

I’ve now updated to Windows 8 Pro and I’ve got it working.
However it wasn’t straight forward.
Message appeared, "The third-party INF does not contain digital signature information"
Go to Settings
Change PC Settings
Advanced Startup > Restart Now
Trouble shoot
Advanced options
Startup options
Click on 'Disable driver signature enforcement’
I then had to reinstall from the original disc as there was a message about some “WIA” file needed from the CD. This got it working again.
Hope this helps.

Chris said...

Thank you so much - got it working after reading this when I was just about to give up. Sharing this work around is very much appreciated

Paul said...

Fantastic. I've been trying to get my Scan Dual IV to work with Vista 32 bit. Once I figured out what to do it worked perfectly. Thank you very much.

Basil Hillman said...

Thank you so very much. Now I can once again use my much loved, and surely much under Konica/Minolta Dimage Scan Dual IV again.

You really have done me and obviously so very many others a great service.

Ray, UK said...

Brilliant advice. Thanks. Having scanned many thousands of negatives with my Scan Dual IV with Windows XP, I was really irritated when I found it would not work with Windows 7. Not good in relationship terms as I then rediscovered negatives of our wedding and couldn't scan them...oh, dear. But today with your help I've cracked it and not only have I been able to scan the wedding pics but I'm now about to reprint one that has faded badly. Now we're back on good terms again! Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

It works!

Thank you so much!

Konstantin (Russia) said...

Thanks you!

Martin72 said...

Perfect solution, goodbye to XP! Unfortunately, this does not work in Windows 8. Driver will not install due to lack of signature. Still a dual boot, but still happy with the solution.
Somebody with win8 ideas?

Richard Lewis said...

Hello Martin,
Have you seen my post of 14 November 2012?

Wim said...

Thanks a million from the Netherlands, Kain and Richard! With your help I was able to revive my Minolta IV in Windows8. Now I can make people happy again by digitalizing their old foto's on negative. Youre the greatest! Wim.

Daniel said...

At the moment I'm not getting anywhere with Windows 8 - I got it working in 7 thanks to your advice. The application just freezes on startup.
I removed and reinstalled the software, as the windows 8 install was an upgrade and I wondered if that had caused issues... Still nothing :(

Daniel said...

MANY uninstalls and device manager clearing - including searching my system for all traces and deleting - later and I have it working on Windows 8.
Uninstalled everything.
Installed software.
Configured windows 8 to allow unsigned drivers
Installed driver
ran software and it worked!

Cheers Frisno!

Kari said...

Thank you so much for sharing this information. Now I can finally scan the hundreds of slides my late husband had stored in his file cabinet.

Tony said...

managed the driver change with Windows 7 successfully, but now having trouble with windows 8. Followed Richard's comments but still not successful. Despite making the change to allow unsigned drivers still ended up being blocked. The inf file accepted as driver file but would not accept it in the last stage. any comments.

Haider said...

Daniel, I have moved to windows 8 Pro as well and its great to read that you have yours working. Could you kindly let me know the following:
1. When you say "Installed Software" - which software are you talking about (is it the original CD that came with the scanner ?)
2. When you say "Installed driver" - Again, could you help he here - (am lost).
3. "Configured windows 8 to allow unsigned drivers": I can google on how to do this, but if its short and you would not mind giving some instructions - I would truly appreciate.
4. Lastly, do we still do the copy and paste in Notepad etc that was originally prescribed for Vista ?

Appreciate your help here.

Elisabeth said...

Thank you soooooo much! It worked like a charm.

Mike said...

Yessssss - many thanks!

Haider said...

Had a perfect first time install on Windows 8 Pro. Please ignore my prev comment (although I do not see it published). Pretty much what is stated above by Daniel on 1/26/2013. For Configuring Windows 8 to allow unsigned drivers, found this helpful: http://www.craftedge.com/tutorials/driver_install_windows8/driver_install_win8.html

Tony said...

Thanks to Kain, Richard and Daniel managed to get Dual Scan IV working in Windows 8. As above the main problem was overcoming Windows 8 reluctance to allow an unsigned driver. Many thanks to all.

Anonymous said...

I got the Dual IV to work in Windows 7 - Thank you very much!


Friedy Kamp said...

Thank you for the information, got the driver for Elite5400 perfect installed on my windows 8 computer. Thanx again!

Bernie said...

Many thanks for getting my Minolta dual scan iii working perfectly under Windows 8.
Loaded original software and drivers and then used your driver as made in notepad which worked perfectly.
Many thanks

Félix said...

Super, merci, ça marche très bien!
Merci beaucoup.

Great, thank's, it realy perfectly works!
Thank you very mutch.


mario said...

I follow the instructions, everything seems ok, but starting DS_Dual4laucher this message appears: (Minolta Dimage Dual Scan IV): "Error=4 Could not confirm scanner connection. Please check scanner).
The drivers are updated correctly: in device manager of windows I can read that the driver newminolta.inf works properly.
I tried also with vuescan and I have a similar problem because the program doesn't start until I disconnect the device :-(
Windows 7 32bit
thank you for your attention

mario said...

Today I found the solution with the Minolta Dimage dual scan IV, replacing the USB cable with a newer and shorter one. Now the driver newminolta.if works perfectly, in Italy too. :-)
thank you four the attention, hello to Frisno!

Al Dillingham said...

I just want to express my gratitude for your effort in enabling the use of our Konica Minolta scanners on the current generation computers. With very little effort, I was able to connect my DiMAGE Scan Dual IV with a Win7/64 OS machine and begin making copies of my Father’s irreplaceable slides that will be given to my cousins and their children. Thank you for sharing your talent!

John Richards said...

Many thanks for this. I've been considering buying a K-M film scanner for some time but was off-put by doubts of compatibility with Microsofts ever-so-fussy Vista 32/64 OS. Now you've solved the problem and illustrated it in a user friendly manner. So I'm gonna buy a used unit now and get round to scanning my archive of thousands of 35mm film and slide negatives and APS too.


Tony Thommy said...

Another very appreciative thanks from me, I had my old Minolta scanner in storage and very pleased I am able to use it to it's full potential. Windows 7 here and Minolta Dimage Scan Elite 5400 Scan.

Adrie said...

Hi, Just bought a second hand Dual IV. With this link i was able to make it work with Windows7 32bit.
Many thanks!

Mary - Northern VA said...

Another thank you for the clear and concise directions as well as the thoughtfulness and time it took to make the information available to everyone. World needs more of you. Have not used the scanner for a number of years and had no idea it wouldn't work.

Markku said...

I got my old Scan Dual II working with Win 7 64 bit Home Premium. Then the scanner broke down and I found from ebay a Minolta Scan Dual IV. I installed the drivers above, but still have problems.

The scanner start, preview, focusing works fine, but when it starts scanning, then the Scan Utility freezes and it never get the first slide finished. Just same with the trial version of Silverfast 6.6 SE.

The scanner is ok, it works with an old laptop with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and Vuescan trial version. However, the laptop is too slow for scanning and editing images, so I would like to have it working with that newer PC (Win 7 home premium).

Anders said...

Va gla' ja blev. Fick det att funka på W7 utan problem. En måste beundra dessa killar som kan sånt här.
Nu kan jag använda min Dimage 4 igen.
Tack !

John Chapple said...

Great information thanks! Has anyone managed to get film holders for this scanner recently?

Tim said...

HOLY FREAKING GOD THANK YOU!!!!! :) I was getting ready to make a virtual machine so I could install windows 98 and do a USB passthrough just to get this thing to work again. Many.. many thanks!

Eric Castro said...

awesome !!! its APRIL 28th 2013, and this is working spot on for windows 7, thankyou !!!
I just used the original text, not even the updated link, works great! thankyou so much!

Saim said...

The original software link does not work anymore, and I have lost my CD. Can anyone suggest where I can get it ?

Paul said...

Incredible. Just upgraded my laptop halfway through scanning 50 years of slides. Your driver updated saved the day!

Chip said...

More success with Windows 7! With original Dual Scan disk. For setup file, I used "Compatibility" property set to "Win XP service pack 2".

Rebooted. Found scanner as a device with broken driver.

Did the driver update using the .inf file from above.


Unknown said...

I’ve just installed Windows 8.1 Pro and tried my Dimage Scan Dual III which was working in Windows 8 Pro and got the following message "Error=4 Could not confirm scanner connection".
Firstly, as with Windows 8, driver signature enforcement has to be disabled as follows:
Change PC settings
Update & recovery
Restart now
Advanced options
Startup Settings
Press number key 7 for Disable driver signature enforcement
Computer will then restart.
Then the device driver has to be updated as detailed as the beginning of this blog, but I’ll repeat it here.
Control Panel
Device Manager
Right click on Dimage Scan Dual III (or IV) in Imaging Devices or Other Devices
Update Driver Software
Browse my computer for driver software
Browse to c:\newminolta (or the folder where you saved the driver notepad file “newminolta.inf”)
The driver should then be installed
The scanner should now work. I had no need to install from the disc as I did when updating to Windows 8.

Unknown said...

How do I save the notepad file so it is not .txt I save as newminolta.inf but the properties say it is newminolta.inf.txt and I don't know how to make this just .inf file. I have done everything else in the post (disable driver signature and create file in c:newminolta) and windows 8 says it cannot find a driver in the new folder c:newminolta. If I start the scanner or Dual 4 utility it says it cannot find the scanner connection. When I turn the scanner on it does not install the original Minolta driver.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Hi, brilliant news! My Dimage Scan Dual ii now works on windows 8.1 - however, quick question - I usually use the highest resolution when scanning negatives - the scanner automatically defaults to a lower resolution - where am I going wrong?!!

Unknown said...

Konica Minolta DiMAGE Scan Dual IV Works In Vista and 7 is really amazing article.
latest software download for windows

Unknown said...

Thanks a million times for your explanations...
It helped me when I turned to W7, 8 and after 8.1...

.... To prevent some problems : will you do the same with Windows 10 ????

Anyway, thanks a lot for your helpfully post !!!!!!


Mark and Julie Mears said...

Worked for me with Windows 8 except that creating an inf file and pasting the info into it wasn't recognized as a driver file even though I saved it as minolta.inf name. So I downloaded an inf Setup file from http://hawk.furud.net/files/dyxum/minolta.zip which is linked from http://www.dyxum.com/dforum/how-to-run-old-minolta-scanners-on-vista-7_topic80321_page1.html Also, there are some steps that are out of order or could be more detailed, but yes it works. Thank you! The internet is great, am I right? :-)

KenwortN said...

Anyone interested in getting the Minolta Dimage scanner running under Windows 10 then follow the link to the instructions. Use the original Minolta disk where possible and a decent USB cable. All the original software and functions will work perfectly under Windows 10. I am using it on a Toshiba laptop and absolutely no problems.

You can find the original post at:

If anyone has any problems leave me a message and i can email the isntructions to you. For once everything worked perfectly first time.

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