Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Buggy removal of a bug with some bugs in it

For a while now Microsoft have tried to force loads of office updates onto my computer. It may have been nice and all, if I had any Microsoft Office installed.
But I don't.
The puter came with some trial installation of Office witch I promptly removed upon discovery.
Some trailing files still remained in my system and those where grounds enough to continue offer me updates. I tried to remove these as well, but ran into troubles with Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack Service Pack 2.
I found that Microsoft offered a special removal tool for this, called office2007spuninstall.exe.
That didn't work either. Upon running oarpman.exe (that is the content of this removal tool), it blamed msi with the error code 1603.
However the log of msi revealed the true installation file for the package I wanted to remove, in my case it was c:WindowsInstaller58b10.msi.
Right clicking on this file selecting uninstall and then restarting, successfully removed the last part of Office.


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