Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Webmin Bacula Module error solution

Failed to connect to the Bacula database : Failed to login to the database bacula : FATAL: Peer authentication failed for user "bacula". Maybe it is not set up, or the module configuration is incorrect

Change folowing line in pg_hba.conf
My pg_hba.conf was located at /etc/postgresql/version number/main


        local        all                    all                                peer


       local         all                    all                                md5

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Unknown said...

I've tried everything to get past this error message and the suggestion in your post is the first thing that has worked! - thank you. Only problem is that now that i get past this error, i reach the Webmin Bacula System page but none of the icons or features load underneath the page heading. (the webmin menu on the left still loads as per usual, it's just that i get no Bacula icons - there' nothing i can click on in the center of the page) -- any ideas for what to try next?

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