Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Custom voucher or tickets

Semi automatic custom voucher or tickets that I use for pfSense Captive portal.

This is how I format list data in Scribus using ScribusGenerator script.
The script can be used for any type of batch import to Scribus and there is a video on how to do that over here
I find these vouchers a bit more appealing then the plain tickets I see from label printer scripts, but may not be all that practical if you need large volumes and plan to cut them yourself.
For starters I exported the data from pfSense and formatted the CSV with one column per voucher and one row per page like below:

ac28M,d68VE5,YyviK4,JwBiA3,uFki25, BFSiB4,7HpiV,edipC5

The numbers of columns (code1, code2, etc.)
corresponds to the number of different vouchers you print on each page.

The number of rows determine how many pages you get.  
”code1” etc. corresponds to the text that will be replaced in the Scribus document ”%VAR_code1%” etc.

In the voucher design you type
%VAR_corresponding column header%
in the same position, font, colour and size you like the final code to be.
 For the actual ticket you can design
anything you fancy.
One good practice can be to add a
best before date or a valid until date.
That way you can delete old rolls even if
there are unused vouchers hiding somewhere.

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