Thursday, March 28, 2019

Bacula Fatal error: Authorization key rejected by Storage daemon

Did you just suddenly got this error? Authorization key rejected

Don’t poke around in your config files!

(Unless you really really know you changed something in there)

Chances are that you have a version mismatch, maybe the manager or one of your clients have been updated outside he scope of compatibility.

Check that first, it could save you five minutes, maybe ten.

I had a mismatch with some old Ubuntu and Debian systems and upon concluding that not all involved machines would handle a update, I felt reluctantly forced (or at least mildly indifferent) to downgrade the offending client.

Find what version/s the machines can agree on and find a way to downgrade/upgrade your installations.

In my case (that most likely do not mach your case in versions) it was a matter of adding following in sources.list

Do NOT just blindly copy and paste this
###### Comment out this old repo after downgrading bacula
deb trusty main

followed by

sudo apt-get update

and then

These exact version are most likely NOT for you.
sudo apt-get install bacula-console=5.2.6+dfsg-9.1ubuntu3 bacula-fd=5.2.6+dfsg-9.1ubuntu3 bacula-common=5.2.6+dfsg-9.1ubuntu3 bacula-client=5.2.6+dfsg-9.1ubuntu3

And that was it really. The hardest part was to find the version-names of the old packages that I needed.

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