Friday, August 29, 2008

Sweet :)

Yes! :)

I got a new package from home.
This one was a bit moist and full of ants, the customs had open it and probed my candy :(
Luckily the ants didnt like the candy and I could use a pair of jeans that where sent as baseline for when my electronics were dry enough to power up.

I got Turkisk Peppar :) I love it.
I also got thermometers, something that is hard to find here in the Philippines.

The first thing we did after eating some candy where to try out the Swedish dish rugs, i missed those (god, I'm getting old).
Then we ate some more candy while unpacking the rest.

Right now I'm typing on the laptop that where shipped in the bottom of the package, while eating some Jungelvrål (specially approved by the Philippine customs) and looking at an ant that seems to be living in my keyboard.



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