Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Itsy bitsy rant

Here I was, finally getting around and started to upload some family clips to YouTube. I was thinking it could ease up on the impossible task off finding those golden moments in the huge pile of files, or to show grandma what 'Little Erika' is up to, even if she is on the other side of the globe.

Now. in steps 'Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society' and claims ownership of the air we breathe and everything in between.

So I'm sorry grandma, you can not see your grandchild at the moment, and we will probably not be able to visit either. Who knows what the customs do to people who may look or sound copyright-ish these days.

How come so many companies/agencies feel its OK to ease up their self-proclaimed tasks at the expense of every one else.

I know how Google go about when identifying media and how you are supposed to feel sorry for them, since if they would do it the "right" way, it would take to much time and resources. But the truth is, that as long as you can't do it right, you can't do it.

Perhaps that is a good enough reason not to do it at all.

I should not be suspected of any wrongdoing, just because I listen to music or have paintings and posters on my walls. I take pictures, record videos and use Internet. If any producer or monger can't come to terms with that and the chain of events that leads to, they have the option to close shop and go home.

Things have gone out of hands. Media moguls yells that it costs money to produce. And I'll say that it will not get cheaper even if I learn to turn off the TV or radio before turning on the camcorder, it just do not work that way.

Leave ordinary people alone, leave criminals to the police and leave outdated business models to history.

Yes, I know that Google's new technique will bring in big bucks when they start to scrape the Internet, but please, play with it silently and when it is working, tell those sharks that what you will do is the following.
- When media that you have submitted are recognized in a post, we will put a, by you already submitted link, on the side, pointing to where it can be purchased.
- Here is a daily list of our findings, if you feel like going any further with any of the posts, please contact our legal department for manual process, but be aware, false claims can lead to penalties.

Note: The video in question was private and sure had clearly audible music. Kids singing Itsy bitsy and other songs in the background. Not connected with 'Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society' but at least one of them were a studio recording. The copyright holder has to my knowledge not tried such silly stunts described above.

Yes, I have taken the image below, no I do not hold the design patent to the wallpaper, live with it!

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