Sunday, May 16, 2010


@mort47: What is the greatest threat to the Internet?
@serafinowicz: Becoming clogged with sperm.

@grapesy: Where are my shoes?
@serafinowicz: On your OTHER feet.

@graham_williams: What will supercede Blu-Ray?
@serafinowicz: Yello-Keith

@FranLT: what sci-fi movie is most likely to happen?
@serafinowicz: Avatar 2 :(

@WeeMammie: What is Ohm's law?
@serafinowicz: A new NBC show about a crimefighting physicist

@burticus: What does a spider fear the most?
@serafinowicz: Arachnophiles

@adeward: What is a kernel panic, anyway?
@serafinowicz: When you crunch on an unactivated popcorn

@IanHewett: How do you remove stains from duvets?
@serafinowicz: Anticlimax

@colinbewley: What is the sexiest font?
@serafinowicz: Gill Sans Clothes

@uphallman: Why does my TV not work anymore?
@serafinowicz: Gay cabaret is dying out :(

@bensholto: What's your favourite 80s movie?
@serafinowicz: I prefer my movies to be at least two minutes.

@jbjon: If you had a time machine, what would you do?
@serafinowicz: I've already destroyed it, next year.

@Hyperchuckle: What mammal would best play you in a biopic?
@serafinowicz: Probably a human.

@KarenMesser: Do you think we really went to the moon?
@serafinowicz: No Karen, we took LSD remember? It was a parking lot

@shaunkellett: Whats a must have in a game collection?
@serafinowicz: A pheasant.

@Tweetzart: What does The Terminator have for breakfast?
@serafinowicz: A simple bowl of Iron filings and oil.

@CrowGray: How do I fix my Xbox's Red Ring of Death?
@serafinowicz: First, stop having sex with it.

@drewalmighty: Where do muppet babies come from?
@serafinowicz: Muppet vaginas.

@louisethumwood What's your favourite sex toy?
@serafinowicz: Probably my ejaculating Jack-In -The-Box.

@AustinJCook: What's your favorite operating system?
@serafinowicz: They're all good as long as you sterilize your instruments.

@Snarglepip: whats coming out after the ipad?
@serafinowicz: Geek sperm.

@Illustruction: what would you do if you had a Tron Lightcycle?
@serafinowicz: Play 'Snake'

@colinbewley: How does 3D television work?
@serafinowicz: Mini-actors.

@LiamHambley: Whats your favourite console?
@serafinowicz: "There, there."

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