Sunday, May 16, 2010

Alternate reality?

The dude answering this question belongs to what reality?


Does anyone know how to set up a proxy on a website?

I want to set up a proxy on my web space, that i can access from anywhere, well mainly school since most websites are blocked at school.

I know there are a bunch of free ones, but i want my own so i can learn how it works and configure it.

and i want to be able to set up a global username and/or password to be able to use it

I strongly say do not use proxies on a web server no matter what the cause is. I know you care about people using it but it is also illegal too. people can also go to jail for making a proxy. people have been using proxies on my website and I don't like that much though. just because people use proxies, doesn't mean you have to make one. trust me it is illegal documents for people to know. I know a person that used to live with me and he owned a server at his own house and pays 23k a year running that server. ever since the cops found out, they took his house away, through his stuff outside and threw him in jail for who knows how long. I still have the web server here and we are keeping it for me till we have enough money to pay for the hookups but the police has the server IP and we have to blow the server away and replace it with new type files and other stuff as well. also we bought the server by the police because I wanted a server of my own and we are storing it now until later but we bought it for $300 (cheep) and we had it ever since about 7-9 years now. we don't know if we should take it out and test the system or leave it till later?

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