Sunday, November 22, 2009

Good morning

It seems like my morning was better than others.

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As you can see, we've got a few problems.

James (17:47): S**T
James (17:47): Oh damn
James (17:47): :(
James (17:47): I may have accidentally
James (17:47): Deleted
James (17:47): Some of the app
- use your imagination... -
James (17:51): Umm
James (17:51): You are going to enjoy this
Matt (17:51): I doubt it
James (17:51): The backup
James (17:51): Has been deleted
James (17:51): By my previous operation
Matt (17:51): Extremely smooth

Whilst setting up our newly purchased server a stray "delete file" command accidently deleted our website (incase you're wondering, I forgot to umount the NFS data store before I rm'd the mount point - James). Oops.

We do have backups ... but they're on an old laptop that James left at home when he came to University. We can't get someone to send us the files, becasue the laptop's battery is broken, and all the power cables for it are at University with us. Clever, we know.

We're going back home next weekend; so welcome to our new website... for a short while.

The gadget should be working fine. If you spot any problems with it, please e-mail us at ASAP :)!.

Matt & James

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