Thursday, May 28, 2009


I just discovered .mobi
Its intended for mobile devices.
You know, the small gadgets that have miniature buttons and undersized screens. The kind of devises that has made people invent new abbreviations. Small keypads that you want to use as little as possible.
Websites that already have a mobile version, often replace the long www. with m. just to ease access.
So in a world with two or three letter Top domain names like .nu or .com , creating a four letter Top domain name for the abbreviations forcing; type unfriendly mobile devices seems really clever.

I guess we have to thank our selves lucky that they did not come up with .m or something, I mean that would have been to "obvius".

The tip for today is:
If your are retarded or just simply don't like visitors on your site, there is a solution for you.
Get your .mobi today and start creating your very own super-private page, no password needed.

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