Friday, March 13, 2009


Since many countries claims to own the Internet or at least a part of it, it has become hard to know how to stay "globally legal".
What if your regular (legal where you are) Internet activities is ground for monitoring and registration some where else.
What if you get cough traveling or maybe have a chat mate questioned for being in contact with you and your suspicious records.
Writers and even bloggers have already restricted their possible movement in the world by simply having an opinion.
Now systems are in place that may track, record and limit you the same way, just by finding that opinion. You don,t even have to read it, it's enough that your computer do that.

Help exists, there is a new search engine that help you stay on the "white" side.
The search engine will not return any hits with material that may violate any active or planned government or corporate restriction, regardless where you are in the world.

Stay safe and happy surfing with 'The Safer Search'

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