Saturday, September 20, 2008

DNS Problems

I changed ISP recently and didnt think much about it... till today.

When a page or part of page didnt load I thought it where some network prob or perhaps cache/adblock thingie in my puter.
Today I took a bit of time to look into that matter, and yes, my ISP is not resolving every query I have. So to avoid censorship I had to put in some alternative DNS servers in the network settings.

Open DNS is very fast for me here so I shoose them.

The addresses for Open DNS are:



I just dont like when some one else tries to deside what I should or not should see on the net.
This time it was a new image hosting server at facebook that lead to some album images where not shown. Perhaps something in the url made the ISP to block me from seeing my own wedding pictures.

I'm still hoping for an entirely non profit dns system without silly top domain restrictions to grow. Perhaps even dynamically distributed amongst users. We all know its needed.
I would be happy to see a system that if no answer is found it will ask the old system.
Registrations of any type for a dollar a year.
Grace period of 5 days.
Reselling prohibited and leads to revocation.
Distributed amongst users, root servers basically keep tabs on the distribution tree.
Publishing servers feeds the network with additions and changes from the automated registration sites.

I'm dreaming again

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