Thursday, July 31, 2008

Old ideas keep me awake

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I've had this idea for many years now.
Its about traffic security.
I've seen a few systems that are supposed to make you keep the speed limit, but all of them seem to be built to control you, to limit your actions and to monitor your driving.
Like the gps guided system with 2 way gsm communication for updates. Rely on a cell phone for traffic security? I think not.

My idea witch I wish already where in my car, is simple.
Some of it is based on a very old pilot test that really got good reviews by the drivers.
Its based on transponders or rfid.
You simply have markers on the side of the road like stickers on road signs or stuck down in or next to the road.
These are then read by a sensor in your vehicle and fed to a control unit that knows for instance time and temperature.
The indication given to the driver are done by a servo. This is the part that are shown to be appreciated by drivers. A servo on the gas pedal gives you a cushioning feeling when you reach the desired speed. Just a slight resistance that are comfortable to rest your foot on. No restriction or limitation, just a nice resting point for your foot. If the speed limit drops, a slight reassure will help you lift your foot up and rest at the new position.
There are no hinders for the driver to just put some more gas to increase the speed at any time. The system are only there as a comfortable helping hand.

No updates needed. Never any outdated, wrong or corrupted data. No need to rely on a third part system.
Changes are effective immediately, the transponder is changed with the road sign. Same with road works and temporary changes.
How you use and follow your system is your own business, no gathering statistics.

This system can also be extended to make you aware of dangers and warnings by giving of a vibration in the pedal.

The system are completely customizable by the driver, on/off, what sort of warnings to alert on and how to warn/aid the driver.

As an example we can take those warnings that only are important in certain conditions like icy road or animal
crossings. If you frequently pass a warning sign that never gets validated you tend to ignore them. Let the
system only warn you about the icy road if the temperature are in range of that danger, perhaps even encourage
you to slow down. All after the drivers setting of course.

By letting you monitor your surrounding, instead of having a networked remote system monitoring you. There will be no
entry of surveillance. I think it's enough that you have automatic speed controls at the road side, that mails you tickets when you least need them and I'm sure as hell that I don't want to have a fine printed from the dashboard whenever I'm in a bit of a hurry. But I guess this is exactly why no government have paid any attention to this way of solving the problem.

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